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prepare to suck the cock of karma! 
15th-Jul-2009 10:05 pm
pineapple express = fucking amazing
I don't remember being this good when I first watched it >.>
Then again, I think I passed out half way through the first time lol

anyways... It was great! 

excpt when my mom walked in with tray of cookies (lol asian moms seriously..) 
when seth said "it's like god's vagina" 
the look on her face!! xDDD: 
She gave me the same "look" she did when she saw me watching
HSB's thrill performance on SC

Isn't it awkward? What should I say to that? 
I usually say "I'm sorry xD" 
What do you guys say?

Where's my HSJ fangirling go!?
I haven't even DL or watched the latest SC episode orz
am i supposed to be subbing that? ... xDD:
When's orthros no inu coming out?! I need Hikaru~
He's supposed to be a bad ass druggy with tattoo
That's something shu didn't have xD

why am i posting such a useless post?? lmao
I'm ganna go watch hot fuzz now :D 
16th-Jul-2009 02:16 am (UTC)
LOLz I know what you mean... I've been so out of it... haven't been in the fangirling mode these past months... I need more yabu xD on the other hand... i think HSJ has too much emphasis on 7 instead of BEST still ToT ... it seems like BEST is going to become like a NEWS... drama/movie/TV shows people xD

But yes...thrill...is an awkward performance to watch with non-fangirls...cuz they're kinda twiggy... but...they're cute ;)
16th-Jul-2009 02:26 am (UTC)
Have you watched Ninkyo helper? Yabu doesn't have a big role in it but god, his character is so cute/hot!!
BEST feels like YabuHika-and-sometimes-Takaki group. Inoo got his 15 mins of famous when he entered meiji and Arioka..?? They are starting to be like NEWS xD

Twiggy! Definitely lmao. My friend watched it with me and he said "I can snap them in half" xD But I agree 100%, they're still cute!
16th-Jul-2009 04:10 am (UTC)
Lol, sounds like you're watching all the crack films. The minute I saw the title I was like "WHAT'S!" My mom wouldn't care, she let me watch this bad stuff since I was like, 5. :D I WANNA WATCH ORTHROS NO INU TOO!!! Hikaru a bad ass druggy? WHAT? *Faints.*
16th-Jul-2009 06:37 am (UTC)
yeah i know! I"m waiting to Orthros no inu to come out too~~ gahhh.

I actually never really watched SC.. only the interesting parts, otherwise they just seemed like iono.. a host club?
16th-Jul-2009 08:19 am (UTC)
orthos no inu 29 july!
cannot wait to see that! since koishite akuma had really lower rating T_T
18th-Jul-2009 03:08 am (UTC)
uhhhh..i got the same problem too...
i'm not downloading any scans...or read translation for two months now~
and keep ignoring videos...but after i watched SC it turned my mood for videos only..i still skip the scans and translation
20th-Jul-2009 12:53 pm (UTC)
My fanboy-ing is running out.. actually no it's not. But i'm subdividing to share my fanboyness to NYC.. but i still love HSJ. xD and BEST.. and 7 .. NYAA I LOVE ALL!!.. - fanboy ON - mmkay.. i'll just run around the house now thinking of HSJ xD
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